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Warm Spaces

F. Cookes Pie and Mash (Chelmsford)

Stay warm in winter and make sure noone eats alone. Every Tuesday 3pm-5pm, come to Cookes and be a part of the Chelmsford Community. Enjoy a hot meal and drink...

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Warm Spaces - Chelmsford Child and Family Wellbeing Service

Chelmsford Child and Family Wellbeing Service (Chelmsford Central Family Hub)

Please see usual weekly timetable

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Warm Spaces - Chelmsford Libraries

Chelmsford Libraries

Chelmsford Libraries are being promoted as Warm Spaces to help with the cost of living crisis along with all their Library services as they are free. There are lots of...

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Warm Spaces - Chelmsford Library

Chelmsford Library

Opening hours: Monday 9am–5:30pm Tuesday 9am–5:30pm Wednesday 9am–5:30pm Thursday 9am–7pm Friday 9am–5:30pm Saturday 9am–5pm Sunday 10:30am–1:30pm

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Warm Spaces - Essex Libraries

Essex Libraries

Check your local library for details and offers

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Wednesday Fellowship 1st Wednesday of each month from October to December & February to July. 2.15 - 3.45pm.

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Wednesday Friendship at Galleywood Keene Hall

Galleywood Keene Hall

Wednesday FRIENDSHIP + for pre-schoolers on (during term time) 9.15 am - 11.15 am

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Welcome on Wednesday 1–3pm. Operates every Wednesday in the Cathedral unless a service is being held when a nearby building is used. Tea, coffee and cakes available on a drop...

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